Sunday, September 6, 2009

Maroma Beach

Very close to Playa del Carmen you can find this beautiful beach that has been rated as one of the Top 10 in the world by the TV program Travel Guides. We spent a day there with my brother Shawn and his wife, Suzanne and our friends from Canada, Donna and Eddie.

We went on a Sunday which was perfect for us as all the activities normally available here are closed on Sundays so very few people were there as you can see by the empty beaches. Lucky us! The rest of the week I'm sure is extremely busy and noisy because from what I could see there is virtually everything you could possibly want to do here. There are ATV's, horseback riding, seadoos (is that how you spell it??), boats, parasailing and I'm sure there's probably diving, fishing, volleyball and I have no idea what else but there's certainly room for everything.

They have beautiful spa beds set up high on platforms on the beach where you can get a massage without having people walking by because you are high above them enjoying the view, the privacy and a great massage all at once! Ah heaven on earth!

We had our choice of locations because as I said no one was there. We pulled up a piece of beach under one of the spa platforms so we could enjoy the view and have the option of sun or shade. We had our own personal waiter who kept us well supplied with Lemonade and then lunch on the beach when we were ready. I think he must have been pretty bored cause he sure wasn't busy!

The beach goes on and on and on and the best part is that it's only a 15 minute drive from our condo in Playa del Carmen. It makes for a great Sunday outing without a lot of effort!

PS:  Want to come play in Playa del Carmen?