Thursday, October 22, 2009

Saving my favorite tree

This is one of my favorite scenes in Mexico. This is the beach at Ana and Jose's restaurant and bar in Tulum. I just love the way this tree leans over the beach. The first picture was taken when we were in Tulum in 2008. As you can see there was a beautiful white beach below these trees.

This second picture was taken a year later when we returned in 2009. Notice how the beach at the base of the trees has been badly washed away during the fall when the weather is worse with more storms churning up the water. The owners of the restaurant have tied ropes to the trees and packed sand bags around the base of the trees to try to save them and keep them from falling over completely.

The beach area right in front of these trees is often used for weddings with an alter and chairs set up with the trees as a backdrop. It was very sad to see the trees in such a distressful state.

On our next trip to our condo in 2010 I look forward to returning to this location to enjoy another day at Ana and Jose's and to see what state the trees are in now. I'm hoping that they have managed to save the trees and that somehow or another the beach has been restored and once again everything is beautiful.

PS:  Want to come play in Playa del Carmen?

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Interesting menu item found!

I was sitting here watching the local news this morning and they brought a story from L.A. to our attention. Apparently some restaurant has created a soup that is the latest rage. They are calling it Viagra Soup. Well sorry people but I have to tell you that the Mexicans beat you to it. We went for a stroll from our condo in Playa del Carmen one evening up to this beautiful restaurant, La Pesca Restaurant, on 30th Avenue right across the street from the Mega store. It's a great seafood restaurant. It has a large covered open air seating area in the front. The back part is open to the sky and there is a lovely area with plants and a waterfall that creates a very peaceful feeling with the sound of the water running down.

We were perusing the menu and I just had to take a picture of this particular entry and you guessed it - Viagra Soup! We all had a good laugh over it!

Our waiter brought out a platter of fresh lobster to tempt us but we all passed on the lobster because there were so many wonderful choices to be had on the menu - other than the soup, that is.

This is a restaurant I will surely visit again next time we're in Playa. I really enjoy finding a good place to eat close to our condo so we can have an excellent meal and then enjoy a stroll back home with a stop along the way at one of the many ice cream stands! That ice cream is SO good and makes a perfect end to the evening.

PS:  Want to come play in Playa del Carmen?