Saturday, January 30, 2010

The beach - before and after

Amazing - can we please have some of these people go up to Canada and show them how it's done?!?!  In a week they got all that work done!  All the equipment was brought in, tons and tons of sand was brought in and they just got right down to it and got the job done!  What a beautiful beach!  If you think Playa del Carmen had great beaches before "you ain't seen nothin' yet"!  By doing all this work they've doubled the width of the beach making it spectacular!  Whereas before there was room on the beach for the chairs provided by the resorts and restaurants, then a thin strip for people to walk along, usually in the water's edge or dodging the chairs that had been pulled out for better sun exposure or the people who had tried to find a spot to put a towel down on the sand.  Now there is just a ton of room for everyone!  My hat is off to the Mexican people for a job well done and done so fast!  Thank you for making Playa even more outstanding.

PS:  Want to come play in Playa del Carmen?

Friday, January 15, 2010

Just another work day in Paradise

The first time we walked down to the beach from our condo we were surprised to see that at the end of Constituyentes the beach was closed all in front of one of the largest resorts on the beach. So we ventured further along and noticed that there is a lot of action on the beach this year and I'm not just talking about the vacationers. The beach is being rebuilt so they have sections of it closed
each day as the large sand dredging freighter is out in the ocean pumping sand to the shore. There is a large bulldozer working in the surf to spread the sand out along the shore and rebuild the beach. It will be interesting to watch the progress from day to day and see how much bigger the beach will be when they are finished. I feel sorry for the businesses along the beach that have to close off their beach access - so no foot traffic, no suntanning on the beach - only inside seating available but I know that in the end there will be much more business for them.
Another day we decided to have a day at the beach and were close to the section where the work is being done. As a matter of fact we were so close that part way during the day the staff had to move us from the beach chairs up to the restaurant area as they had to totally clear the beach of all their chairs and tables and the barricade was moved down past their business as the bulldozer was progressing into that area.

I have heard that apparently it was the government who decided that it was necessary to put this project in motion to build up the beaches. For those of you that are familiar with Playa del Carmen the project was started at the pier at Constituyentes and will go down past Playacar. This will definitely improve the beach along there as this is quite a rocky area and the few clear places usually have boats tied up in them.

We like to hang out at the Blue Parrot nightclub area (P.S. great music, great food) during the day and this is in the section that is being improved so I'm hoping once everything is completed that maybe the rocks will be covered up or at least much less exposed so it will become a more popular area with the swimmers. At the time of posting this blog the beach has now been completely closed from Constituyentes all the way down to Juarez which is approximately 14 blocks of beach front.

I've been told that it will take about a week to complete so I look forward to watching the progress and enjoying the end result while I am down here this year.

PS:  Want to come play in Playa del Carmen?

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The beginning of our annual migration.

Beach 3So we've made our annual trek down to Playa del Carmen to stay in our condo. This year we are staying for 6 weeks. I like that it has increased by 2 weeks this year. That means we're that much closer to my husband being ready to retire so we can do 6 months at a time rather than 6 weeks.

It's funny how we perceive things though. We knew we were coming to Mexico so we, of course, were thinking - ahh, hot, sunny days basking in the sun at the beach. We had forgotten that we were coming down about three months earlier than usual. For the last 2 or 3 years we've been down here in April. So needless to say we were a little surprised not to have that hot, hot sun that we were expecting. Good thing we had worn some warm clothes - long sleeves, pants and jackets - for the trip down here otherwise I would have been at Walmart buying a sweat jacket and pants for sure.

The days have been nice, although partly cloudy, but the nights sure cool down. As I look out my window towards the beach, watching the sun rising, I see that today will be another partly cloudy day. Since the sun has risen above the buildings now it's time to move myself out to the deck to bask in that sun while I have the opportunity. It's hard to tell if the clouds will stick around all day or move away and leave us with a beautiful, clear day. The other day started without a cloud in the sky but as the day progressed it got a little cloudy so you just never know what you might get - but hey - it's warmer than at home so that's always a good thing.

Even with a few clouds I still get the chance to sit and warm my bones in the sun for a while each day and that is much better than what I would be doing back home these days where there's more cold, rainy days than cold, dry days. So I'm most thankful for the chance to be here in this beautiful, warm, sunny part of the world again.

PS:  Want to come play in Playa del Carmen?