Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Maroma Beach on a Sunday

We made another trip over to Maroma Beach and Resort while we were in Playa del Carmen this year.  What a beautiful place.  Going on a Sunday is so peaceful because all the activities there are closed so it seems that everyone chooses that day to go into Playa.  The beach is extremely empty and quiet.  It's a great day to enjoy some peace and quiet, sunshine, and a good book.  

With lots of staff on hand it's never hard to have your drinks refreshed and your food brought out for you to enjoy at a table among the trees.

Although it was a beautiful, sunny day  there was a very strong wind blowing - great if you wanted to be exfoliated!  But not so great when you're trying to enjoy the view of the beach - the sand at this beach is extremely fine so the wind was constantly blowing it at us.  The only solution to avoid the blowing sand was to turn our chairs around and have our backs to the water.  
I'm sure we made a funny site to the few other people who were wandering past but at least it kept the sand out of our eyes and still allowed us to enjoy our time at the beach. Definitely a great place to come to unwind and "recharge your batteries".

Friday, March 12, 2010

Garden of Eating Restaurant

We found a little spot for a nice meal that is close to our condo.  It's just a block from Constituyentes and 5th Avenue, off of 10th Avenue on 20th Street North. We couldn't help but notice the Canadian flag at the entrance so we decided to check it out. We asked our server and were told that it is owned by a lady from Toronto. It is an outdoor restaurant with tables nestled here and there among the trees and tropical plants. The entire layout is on various levels with anywhere from 2 to 4 tables in each area.  There's a waterfall on one side adding to the ambiance. You can look down into the open air kitchen and see everything going on. It has a nice menu with an interesting selection of items - some you're familiar with and some familiar ones with a twist.

Even the washroom is unique.  The ladies bathroom overlooks the back of the waterfall with just wrought iron bars and a curtain covering the opening that would otherwise give you a view of the waterfall and the restaurant area and everyone out there a view of you! The sink area is a common area for the men and women and the sink is a long trough style but the most interesting thing are the "faucets".  The water comes out of two conch shells that have been mounted as your faucets.  Very pretty but it does make a bit of a splash so you'll want to turn it on slowly and stand back a bit or your clothes might get splashed.

We enjoyed a very nice lunch there after wandering all over Playa del Carmen.  It was a very nice, refreshing way to relax after our excursion. On Friday nights there is a curry buffet so we're thinking of going back to have a sample of that too.  Hopefully the curry won't be too hot.

PS:  Want to come play in Playa del Carmen?