Friday, April 23, 2010

Desperate for Tequila???

I chuckle every time I see this picture come up on my computer wallpaper.   We had rented a jeep to cruise around the coast of Cozumel.  We would stop at all the "watering holes" we came across and at one location about half way around we found this. Needless to say neither of us girls like tequila enough to bare it for it but my cousin, Kyle, likes his tequila so he posed for a shot - but surprise, surprise - the free shot was only offered to any brave ladies - not really a surprise but I guess he figured it was worth the try and created a fun memory for all of us.  

There were a couple of other girls there and they created an interesting picture. One was wearing a tube top so she stood behind the sign and positioned herself so the top was covered by the sign  but the upper chest and mid drift were showing.  If you didn't know otherwise you would think that she was actually topless!  I'm sure they had lots of fun conversations about that picture!

It was very much an ocean front location - just a small bar and restaurant located on a coarse, rocky bit of beach.

A little further along you could see the surf crashing up against the rocks.

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

LOOK UP before you sit down

It's so wonderful to be able to walk down to the beach from our condo to enjoy an afternoon.  You can just pull up a piece of beach or use one of the many chairs that are available.  It's never a difficult decision to have sun or shade either. Both are always readily available either in the form of umbrellas or coconut trees to provide shade.  A lot of the resorts and restaurants have tables for dining set out among the trees as well. But a word of advice - look up before you sit down!

You may find it quite an experience to be able to say - yeah, I had a lounge chair or hammock under the trees on the beach.  I certainly would hope that it is a pleasant experience - hence my warning.  Those coconuts probably look cool up there but if you get hit by one when it falls it can do some pretty serious damage.  Although they look like they have really strong stems holding them in place I have to tell you when they're ripe and ready to fall a slight wind is all it will take.

So again - enjoy your day in the sun - but please LOOK UP before you sit down.

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