Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cozumel shore line

 Love this shot!  Nothing like surf, sand, sun and suds!!  

In all the years we've been going down to Playa del Carmen we have said we needed to make the trip over to Cozumel.  Somehow that never happened until this year.  A word of warning if you choose to make the trip - the ride over can get rough so you might want to make sure not to do too much partying the night before or you might lose your breakfast and they actually have staff going around handing out baggies in case of just such an occurance.  A great way to start the day - NOT!  Fortunately we didn't have any problems and weren't seated next to anyone who did. Thank goodness!

When we first docked in Cozumel it was very much like you would expect from a community that deals with the cruise ship industry.  Very commercialized right near the docks.  There's even the big money companies like Cartier.  
Don't get me wrong there were lots of Mexican style shops too but it was just very commercial for my liking. We prefer experiencing the natural culture of the country rather than the commercial culture although I appreciate that all the cruise ship business is an essential part of life in Cozumel.   

We knew that we wanted to get a car and drive around the island - which doesn't take very long, well unless you stop every few minutes to check out the "watering holes" or walk along the shore line picking up (I won't even say searching cause they're everywhere) seashells.  

So we walked down from the ferry terminal a bit and rented a jeep and off we went.  Once you're away from the ferry terminal area the island goes back to nature very quickly.  The shore line actually surprised me quite a bit.  After hearing about Cozumel for so long I was
expecting fabulous beaches everywhere and it's so totally not like that.  It appears that where there's a "watering hole" there's a beach.  But the rest of the island has a very rocky shore line.  It was very odd - almost seemed like a lava rock type of formation.  So another word of advise - if you want to walk the shoreline I suggest a good pair of shoes - barefeet and flipflops will make for difficult walking. Beautiful scenery all along the shore with the big waves coming in and crashing up over the rocks.  Lots of photo opportunities to be had - just watch you don't get your camera wet in the process.

Certainly am glad we made the trip - at least now we can say been there, done that.  Would I go back again??  I'm not sure - I guess if we had friends visiting who wanted to go over - then yes, I probably would.  Just for an outing for myself - probably not - there are a lot of other places yet to see or that I'd prefer to see again more than Cozumel.

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