Saturday, September 18, 2010

My favorite pottery shop

I love this little pottery shop we found in Playa del Carmen.  It's a bit of walk from our condo but well worth it as it's just stuffed with wonderful pottery and wall hangings of all sorts.  Last time we were in Playa del Carmen we must have visited this shop about 4 or  5 times, so needless to say the shop owner has become my newest Mexican Amiga.  She would give us such a warm welcome (probably because she knew we were there to buy more things) and always gave us a deal before we even asked.

The first time we went there was to get kitchen cupboard knobs made out of the pottery - it looks so pretty.  But she didn't have enough to do the entire kitchen and wouldn't get more in before we were leaving.  So the next year we were down in Playa del Carmen we went back to her and got the rest of them.

Then we decided that since  one of the light switch covers in the condo  was a nice pottery cover, it would be fun to have

all the switch covers be in the pottery and add a little more Mexican charm to the condo. We made another trek to her shop.  (The great thing about all these treks is that we found the cheapest ice cream shop in town along the way.  So we would make sure to give them our business as well!) We got our single covers and when we got home we checked to see how many covers we needed for the 2 and 3 switches and went to see her again but she didn't have any in stock at the time.  Guess you know what we'll be doing on our next visit to Playa del Carmen.  I think if we go see her as soon as we get there and tell her what we want she can have them brought in for us.  I know the other times she'd said she could get things for us but we were going to be gone before they would arrive.  So next time we'll just place our order early in our visit. Considering that she doesn't speak English and we have almost no Spanish it was very interesting how we managed to convey our needs and understand her responses enough to get by - but that was all thanks to my hubby, he seemed to get it!

Hhhmmmm.........wonder what other lovely pottery things I can incorporate into the condo???  Such fun!

I should mention by the way that this lady had the BEST prices - we walked from one end of Playa del Carmen to the other checking every pottery shop we could find and her's were WAY cheaper than anywhere else. If you're interested this shop is on Benito Jaurez at the corner of 25th (if I remember correctly).

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