Saturday, November 6, 2010

Very interesting bathroom.

I love this!  Unfortunately I think it's been renovated since but it was so fun. This was probably the most photographed bathroom in all of Playa del Carmen.  Why you ask?????  Look closely behind me.............there's no wall back there.  It looks over the roof tops of the buildings along 5th Avenue - which is the pedestrian shopping/restaurant street in Playa and behind that is the ocean.

Talk about having a complex trying to use that bathroom.  There certainly was no one who could see into it because it is higher than everything else by quite a bit but still!!! The door, by the way, was very cool too.  As you can see it's a large round door and it's hinged in the middle for ease of use.

I believe I heard that they had to put up a wall on the open side as there were new buildings that went up and were higher so it was necessary to enclose the room.  Oh well, at least I had the fun of experiencing this while it was unique.

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