Friday, January 7, 2011

Music Festival brings good times and good tunes to Playa del Carmen

It's so busy in Playa del Carmen right now!  How fabulous for all the businesses!  

There is a music festival happening in town right now and it looks like everyone came down for a some good music and a good time! 

The 4th annual BPM Festival is an annual world class electronic music festival which takes place in the beginning of January and if you're on the beach during the day you're going to be hearing some great music. I know that the Blue Parrot is having special performances during the festival, as I'm sure will Kool and Mamita's.  The weather has been excellent and attendance seems really good from what we see around town - I know that last year there were over 18,000 people attending the events.

 Personally we prefer a more laid back, quiet time at the beach so we wander by all the music and party goers down further to an undeveloped part of the beach front and just contemplate nature in all it's raw beauty.

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