Sunday, February 20, 2011

Bulk food shopping Mexican style

We went on an adventure the other day into Cancun. We drove through the tourist hotel district with it's beautiful beaches and big resorts surrounded on both sides by beautiful blue water.  

Then we went into what I referred to as "real" Cancun.  Meaning that we visited areas where the locals shop. This outdoor market was just one example of life in Mexico.  You could buy everything there from fresh produce, fresh meats, plants, clothes, everything imaginable!

The pictures here are of a "bulk food" store where all the sacks of food - from dry pasta, spices, flour, grains and beans to dry dog food - are just opened up and set on the floor for people to buy from.  (click on picture to enlarge it and then click your back button to return to the blog).

It was funny to see it all just out on the floor like this as there were birds landing close by just waiting for their chance to sneak in for a meal. 

There was a candy store that was packed solid with bags and bags of every type of candy possible.  The aisles were just one person wide and the place was packed with people trying to get past each other and trying to see and reach past each other to get at the goodies.  It was lots of fun to try to shop in there.  

I would look forward to going back there to shop now that I know what to expect.  It would be fun to see what kind of "treasures" I could find. I still prefer the simple lifestyle I experience living in Playa del Carmen but now I know I can just drive down to Cancun for a different shopping experience.

In answer to a query to my blog:  Thank you for reading my blog. As for the market in Cancun - the name of it is Mercado 28. The best thing I can suggest for telling you where it is, is this:

go to google maps, type in Mercado 28 Cancun Mexico and you will see a map showing you exactly where it is. Enjoy!

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