Monday, April 25, 2011

The Entrepreneurial spirit at work!

It's so interesting the things to see and do in Mexico.  And you just never know what you might find!  I tell you I find the Mexican people to be very imaginative in the ways and means to create work for themselves.

I was sitting out on my deck at our condo one day and started to hear this piping sound in the neighborhood.  It was a very pretty melodic type sound - much like a pan flute. I enjoyed it without thinking that it was anything more than a child playing with a toy.  A few days later I again heard this pretty sound and this time curiosity got the better of me as the sound seemed to be following the same path as it had the previous time.

So I summoned the energy to get up from lounging in the sun to investigate and once I found the source I had to run to get my camera, thinking this would make an interesting blog subject.  So there I was out on my deck trying to discreetly take pictures of this guy walking down the street blowing on his little blue flute and carrying this box on his back!??!  I had absolutely no idea what that was all about!

Next time I got together with my brother and his family, who live in Playa, I asked him about what I had seen.  Apparently this man sharpens knives and scissors using that box apparatus that he carries around.  He blows his flute so everyone knows he's coming and that sound tells people that it's a knife sharpener who is coming through the neighborhood.  If you need his service you just call out to him and he will sit on the side of the street and sharpen everything for you!

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