Thursday, July 21, 2011

Ahh, a day in paradise!

This resort is the Bahia Principe on the Riviera Maya near Playa del Carmen.  They are the sponsor of our nephew's football team, the Caballeros (which means Gentlemen of Knights).  While we were in Playa they were having a fundraiser that we were really excited to get to attend.  I mean really, what could be better than spending the day at an all inclusive enjoying all the amenities and then in the afternoon moving into a huge viewing area to watch the super bowl with hundreds of other vacationing fans!  

We made a point of getting to the resort early in the morning to take advantage of a full day of all the amenities.

We started with a buffet breakfast then headed to the beach to claim some hammocks and soak up the sun and atmosphere of the resort.  It seemed that there were endless chairs and hammocks on the beach but surprisingly we had a bit of difficulty finding any available.  So my advise - head to the beach early to find the best locations still available.  We spent the day alternating between lounging in the sun, wandering over to the bar to enjoy the all inclusive benefits available, swimming in the ocean or pools or having endless snacks - good thing we had our hammocks to doze off in because you know what happens when you have unlimited drinks, sun, surf and fresh air!

We had a wonderful day including buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner then watching the big game with abut 600 hundred more people! It was such a good time we're hoping to be down there at the same time next year so we can support the team again!

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