Sunday, August 28, 2011

Cozumel discoveries!

When we go to Playa del Carmen we're usually quite content just to sit back, sip beer or margaritas and enjoy a day at the beach or around the pool.  We've been going down for so many years now that it just feels like home.  We've seen the touristy stuff that we wanted to see now it's more a matter of relaxing and enjoying our time with each other and friends in Mexico.  We love having friends come to stay with us while we are there so that we can take them around and show them all the things we enjoy about Playa.

One thing that it took us a few years to get around to doing was taking the ferry over to Cozumel for the day. So we finally did that with our cousin and his lady and we made a great day out of it.  We weren't interested in all the touristy shops which are right a the foot of the ferry terminal so we rented a jeep and set off on a trip around the island.  Which only takes a couple hours - well that's IF you don't stop at EVERY watering hole along the way.  Everywhere there was a patch of sandy beach there was a little "restaurant" set up so you could stop for a beer and a bite.

I think the funniest thing we found on Cozumel were the "big name" companies in direct competition with each other, right across the street from each other vying for all the business (HAHAHA) but they were in such a remote area on the island that there was obviously no business. 

If you click on the pictures to enlarge them you can check out the signs on these buildings to see what I mean.

We certainly had fun that day driving around the island.  Perhaps we'll have friends we can take there on our next stay in Playa.

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Monday, August 8, 2011

Transportation like we'd never see in Canada

We never cease to be amazed at the types of transportation you see around town in Playa del Carmen.  Basically if it's got wheels it gets used. 

There is one woman we see zooming around on a golf cart and those travelling by ATV. Others use bicycles - lots of them around and I believe the resorts have them available for their guests to use for a days outing.    There are even bicycles that are built with two wheels on the front and a big metal cart type area on the front.  The locals sometimes use this to move water bottles, or fresh linens going from the laundry mat to the local resorts, or supplies for their shops or some of these bikes will sometimes be built with a bench in the front area where people can sit while one person sits on the bike doing all the pedaling. Of course there are taxis everywhere.  Never seems to be a problem flagging them down. There are tour buses bringing people from the Riveria Maya resorts to town for a day of shopping and beach time.  There's also the local ADO bus transport system that can take you to many towns outside the Playa del Carmen area.

Then there are the many mopeds and scooters zipping in among the traffic.  They make me nervous sometimes the way they zoom between cars and trucks and all sorts of tight spots. In Playa there doesn't seem to be traffic lanes like we're used to in Canada and the U.S.  It seems that if you're in a vehicle, whatever it may be, and it can fit in that space then it's a lane! I think the thing that amazed and made us most nervous were the families that would travel around on mopeds or scooters.  We've seen as many as 4 people on one moped.  The driver was usually the Dad and standing between the
Dad's legs in the middle would be one child with the Mother on the back holding another baby or young child in her arms.  Very scary sight! However scary it might look to us I must admit that I have never seen a car accident of any type while in Playa.  Not to say they don't happen, I'm sure, but considering the difference in attitude about traffic control between what I'm used to and what I see in Playa I'm just surprised that we don't see a lot more problems.  But I suppose the locals are all used to driving in this manner and I'm sure if we were there and driving we, too, would become accustomed to it. But for now our condo puts us in a good location so it's an easy walk to anything we may need. Therefore we will continue to wander merrily along and perhaps one day if you're ever in Playa our paths may cross and we can sit and share a beer and watch the traffic go by.

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