Sunday, April 28, 2013

Wonderful program to help kids!

This year while in Playa del Carmen I have had the pleasure to become involved with a group that helps the kids in my adopted second home! I attended the luncheon meeting put on by the Rotary Playa del Carmen Seaside where I met Janet. Janet explained to me that she is part of the KKIS (Keep Kids In School) Project and she immediately asked me if I would like to go the next day and help teach the children English. Well of course I was thrilled to have the opportunity to help and look forward to making this a weekly event while I am in Playa.
It was so much fun - once I got over the fact that my Spanish isn't that good; I was working with grade 2 students and I tell you those little kids sure do talk fast - there was no hope of me understanding them by talking but I was surprised that I did get the general idea. I'm sure with continued exposure to them I will find that I'm more comfortable and my ears will become more tuned in to actually hearing and understanding their words. In the meantime - it's lots of fun and I look forward to a continued involvement with this great organization while I am in Playa.