Thursday, June 6, 2013

Life in Playa is always an adventure!

We have recently returned from another great stay at our condo in Playa del Carmen. It was interesting this year in that we were there later in the season than we have been in the past. This time we experienced more of the colours of Mexico as more of the tress and plants around Playa were in bloom or beginning to bloom. What wonderful rich colors - brilliant reds in the flamboyant tree; trailing yellow flowers on the trees along 30th and purples in other trees were just beginning to show as we were leaving.

As well we got to experience the beginning of the rainy season in the Playa area; which we are told begins the end of May and boy did it begin. Apparently we really got to experience it as the rain was for much longer duration than is normal. Usually when it rains in Playa there is a downpour for a brief period then it stops, the sun comes out, the earth starts steaming and everything dries up again. However this year a big tropical storm came through and hung around for about a week. It was definitely a new experience for us! We had to go purchase an umbrella in anticipation of walking 2 blocks from our condo to the bus depot just in case it was raining when we were leaving and sure enough it was. The day we were leaving there was another big storm; thunder, lightning and rain like the skies had opened right up - oh and don't forget to add wind to the mix just to keep things interesting. We decided to flag down a taxi as we would be soaked trying to pull 2 large suitcases, two carry ons, juggle a purse and umbrella. The first guy decided he didn't want to get wet and get out to help load our luggage. The second guy - bless his heart - stopped for us, got out, grabbed an umbrella and helped load our luggage and got totally soaked in the process - even with an umbrella. He graciously drove us the 2 blocks to the bus depot so needless to say he got a big tip! 

The Playa area doesn't usually get huge rainfall and therefore doesn't have the type of drainage system you would find around other parts of Canada and the U.S. During tropical storms there tends to be quite a bit of flooding until such time as the water seeps away. Every little dip becomes a big puddle but the fun part is - it's still warm! Life in Playa is always an adventure and we enjoy each and every adventure thrown our way! Can't wait to go back and find new adventures!