Friday, November 22, 2013

KISS Playa! Share the love!

Although we only get to spend a small portion of our time in Playa del Carmen at the moment, we always feel like we have returned home when we arrive there. There is a continuous air of happiness around - not only from the tourists who are enjoying their beautiful surroundings but also from the local residents. We are constantly greeted with smiles and gestures of kindness in Playa.

As we feel that we "belong" when we go to Playa we like to give something back in return. One way we like to help is to support the KISS program (Keep Kids In School) - it is an amazing program that gives help, to the poor neighbourhood schools, through donating school supplies and by having volunteers come to the schools to assist with English language classes. It is great fun to be one of these volunteers.

I wanted to share their update with everyone about the newest neighbour that the organization is helping 

If you ever have the opportunity to assist with this wonderful organization please don't hesitate as it is an awesome way to give back!