Saturday, January 3, 2015

It's been a while.....

It's been a while since I've posted anything, unfortunately. You know how it is - life just gets hectic. New Year, new focus - thought I'd start with a new post.

We love our time in Playa - it feels like more of a homecoming when we arrive there, than any time that we've returned to our actual permanent home. Soon we will be heading to Playa once again. So looking forward to the warmth and sunshine. What will we do this time? Well, we will have the pleasure of sharing the sights, sounds and taste sensations with our son and his girlfriend who will make their first visit to our hacienda. It will renew our love of our adopted home as we will experience it again through the fresh eyes of a couple who have never been to Playa and one who has never been to Mexico at all. We're excited to share our favourite places with them. 

We really want to make sure they see Akumal - the snorkelling there is wonderful, we may even be able to take them to the area where we can swim with the turtles. This site gives you some additional information regarding the opportunity to swim with the turtles. Akumal is truly beautiful, with so many different ways to experience the area - from lounging on the beautiful beaches, doing a little tourist shopping, snorkelling, swimming with turtles, - oh and I seem to remember a shop that had FABULOUS ice cream as well!

We're also hoping to take a trip to the ruins in Tulum - funny to think for years we've been living for a few months in Playa and have been to Tulum on a number of occasions but we usually end up in Sian Ka'an and have never actually been to the ruins yet ourselves. Oh well, I won't tell you how many years we'd been making our annual trip to Playa for before we actually took the ferry over to Cozumel!! And we have yet to make it to Isle Mujeres, (The Island of Women - this is where the corona commercials that we see are filmed). That's the beauty of it - there's always more to see each time we go there.

So having written this post I now have some firm plans for the upcoming trip and am more excited than ever to get there!!! See you soon Playa and all my expat friends!