Thursday, January 5, 2017

Getting Excited!

beautiful beach in Playa del Carmen
Let me ask you something - when you get home from a vacation and you've landed at the airport do you get this feeling of complete relaxation - like an ahhhh I'm home feeling? 

I never do. You know when I get that feeling - every time I get off the plane in Cancun, on my way to my condo in Playa del Carmen! EVERY time! I was made to live in Mexico - the climate, the sunshine, the water and the people - I love the Mexican people I meet - happy, friendly and willing to teach us their ways and words. Really I love to learn from them - it's their country and their ways and I love to respect that. I believe in showing them respect by trying to embrace their lifestyle rather than coming into their country as a foreigner and expecting them to conform to me - I don't think so!

We're gearing up for our yearly time in Playa and I'm as excited as always - actually maybe even more so this year considering how cold it's been here in BC (currently -5 Celsius which is 23 Fahrenheit). I'm ready to go south and thaw out! 

Dirty Martini
When we left last year there was a lot of new construction just beginning - including a new condo right next to ours so it will be interesting to walk around town and see all the latest developments, and let's not forget to stop in at the Dirty Martini for a refresher! There's a new mall coming too - not thrilled about that as it seems to be every 6 to 8 blocks on 5th Avenue another American style mall is popping up - I get that the tourists are looking for familiar shops but really don't you come to Mexico to enjoy the flavors and traditions of Mexico?? 

Mexican culture

The beautiful thing is that there are a lot of small communities near by that we can visit to be more immersed in our adopted country. I'm looking forward to warmth and new adventures soon!

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