Thursday, August 30, 2018

Travelling safely

As you know we travel a lot. Probably more than most people. We love the adventure of new experiences; new places; new people. It's funny how often we get asked, especially when we are heading to Mexico, if it's safe. Well nowadays I think your safety is mostly dependent on you and where you put yourself, regardless of what part of the world you are in. Granted if you are travelling to a war torn country or a country where there is more crime it is probably less safe than your own backyard. But still, do you want to live your life thinking that you shouldn't go out and experience it because maybe something will happen?? It's a matter of being diligent, using caution and common sense.

Sorry, I digressed a little from what I wanted to talk about. I wanted to talk about safety - in it's various forms. Not only is it a matter of being in the right place at the right time versus the wrong place at the wrong time. But also your food consumption and water intake are to be consciously taken into account when travelling into countries where the types of food and its preparation are different from what you are used to. Also the water quality will be different. 

Today I wanted to speak with you about the water issues as your proper water intake is a fundamental necessity to enjoying a fun adventure. Should you not be consuming enough water or a poor quality of water this can make you lethargic or even ill in some cases. So how do you ensure that you are consuming safe, clean water? Bottled water is one way but again how do you really know where that water is coming from? I don't mean to put a negative spin on everything but you need to be realistic - look at all the studies that have been done recently on the quality of bottled water being sold as clean and safe. If you are not aware of what's going on let me share a couple links with you.

Now I don't want you to think this is just being put out to you to scare you and make you buy the bottle I'm about to speak with you about. That's not why I'm writing today. I am writing to simply give you awareness of what's being marketed and what you can do to improve the quality of the water you are consuming.

I want to introduce you to the Puritii Water Filtration bottle - you may not have heard of it and that is because it is available through direct sales which means it is not advertised on TV, radio or elsewhere. It is advertised through word of mouth. I really want every one of you to take a minute to visit this website and read up on this filtration system then decide for yourself if this is of value to you and your health. Not only is it good for your health but it's good for your wallet. This filter cleans approximately 450 litres of water before you need to replace it. That's over $650 you would be spending on bottled water (based on an average of $1.50 per litre bottle). As well you would be saving the environment as you would not be adding 450 plastic bottles to our landfill or worse, the oceans.

I have personal experience with this bottle as I use it all the time. When we are in Mexico I fill my bottle directly from the faucet in my condo and I have absolutely no ill effects from drinking the tap water in Mexico. Even when we travel throughout Canada and the US I always use this bottle because water that may be fine, according to the locals who are used to that type of water, may not be good for you as your body isn't used to it. We even noticed how much chlorine smell was in the water in nearby towns to our home. We couldn't drink it, it smelled and tasted like a swimming pool - that's just scary and this was being served at a restaurant.  I use this bottle even when I am at home drinking the water from my faucet and when going out to dinner. When the waitress asks if we would like water I ask her to please just fill my bottle for me.

It's your health and well being at stake; you need to be aware of what is being offered to you as "safe" water and do your research - again I don't mean to be a Negative Nellie but I want everyone to be aware and make the best choices for your well being.

Enjoy the world, travel safely, use common sense, if you think it doesn't feel right, follow those instincts. If you're not used to a varied diet try to stick with things your body is used to and slowly introduce the local food to your system. Drink plenty of water, hydration is a basic fundamental to good health. Go forth and enjoy, I wish you happy, safe journeys.

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