Friday, August 17, 2018

Travelling safer in Mexico

When you are telling people you are planning a trip to Mexico how many times do you get asked it safe to travel in Mexico? Aren't you scared? You know I always just shake my head at people and ask them - do you know what's going on in your own town and in the areas around you? Common sense will make you as safe as possible wherever you travel. Do you agree? It goes back to the old saying - wrong place, wrong time. If you're being cautious and using common sense I believe you're just as safe travelling in Mexico as in your own neighborhood. We have been travelling for years in Mexico and I honestly tell people that I feel safer walking around in the evenings in Playa del Carmen than I do at 5 corners - a particular area in my hometown. I wouldn't be walking around in 5 corners at night but I feel comfortable walking along the main streets in Playa at night.

EXPAT 911 Affiliate Program
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But on the subject of safety I want to bring your attention to a great new app that a friend of mine has developed and is particularly useful for peace of mind for people travelling in Mexico. I will share the link here - please take a minute to check it out and share it with everyone you know who travels in Mexico.

Let me give you this brief introduction into what it is:

"We decided to make a service to help our fellow Expats with reporting crimes and emergencies. This company was created by two partners who share a combined 45 years of living in all parts of Mexico. We also share a combined 25 years of online experience running a major network dedicated to US Veterans. It was an easy decision to apply this experience to something that would benefit our fellow brothers and sisters who also enjoy living abroad in the great country of Mexico.

Unfortunately, many of our Expats have not been able to break the language barrier. Imagine being in a life threatening emergency situation, and trying to speak to 911 in Mexico. Would you feel comfortable explaining all of your symptoms or explaining about a crime that is being committed in your home? After speaking to many of our fellow Expats, we realized that a service like this was 100% necessary. So we have decided to create ExPat911.

The idea is simple…

When you report a crime or emergency using our app, you will always get a native English speaking operator. We also have people on staff who speak Spanish as their native language. So while you are reporting your emergency to the English speaking operator, someone else will be reporting that emergency on your behalf in perfect Spanish at the exact same time. This will ensure that all of the information is given in a timely manner when seconds could be the difference between life and death."

I hope this information is useful to you or perhaps someone you know. Please share with everyone you know who travels in Mexico.

EXPAT 911 Affiliate Program

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